Dual 19″ Rack 24″ Deep Legs

///Dual 19″ Rack 24″ Deep Legs

Dual 19″ Rack 24″ Deep Legs

P.N. 95-00126-024

You may mount the Frames at 1.75″ increments along the 24″ deep legs, accommodating equipment up to 24″ deep!

Designed for use as a Stand Alone Rack or can be attached Side-by-Side to most popular Relay Racks including the Standard Racks made by CPI.

Priced competitively, the Hergo Super Relay Rack signify the best value in rack solutions.

This unit is actually an “open enclosure”. If your environment is dust free, cool and secured, you must consider this product. All around easy access to your Servers, Routers and Switches. Visible and eye-contact allows easier spotting of malfunction equipments.

Uses Square Cage-Nuts design that offers longer and lasting use of the Vertical Mounting Rail. Web channel holes on each side enable multiple racks to be mounted together side by side, including racks made by CPI.

Shipping weight is approximately 85 lb. each Ships unassembled. Individually packaged, with assembly and installation instructions included. Weight capacity when evenly distributed is 1400 lbs.

Additional information


82" high

Vertical Mounting

45"U" 78.75" Vertical Mounting Space


24" Deep

Total Height


Standard Color


Sizes Available:
Server Mounting depth up to 24″ 95-00126-024
Server Mounting depth up to 30″ 95-00126-030
Server Mounting depth up to 36″ 95-00126-036
Server Mounting depth up to 42″ 95-00126-042