19” Rackmount Computer Cabinets and Electronic Enclosures

Hergo’s exclusive 19” wall and rackmount computer cabinets and electronic enclosures are turnkey solutions to your equipment storage needs. They keep your equipment dust-free, cool and secure. Varying by model, these products can accommodate servers and peripherals made by IBM, Compaq, HP, DELL, Gateway and Apple. All of our electronic enclosures and computer cabinets meet NEMA and E.I.A. specifications and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Rackmount Electronic Enclosures – Upright enclosures that house rackmount servers, routers and switches, rackmount LCDs and other data and communications equipment. Available in a range of sizes: 12U, 26U and 42U x 30/36”D.

Dual Enclosure Computer Cabinets – Dual enclosure computer cabinets mount all computer and electronic equipment on 42”W fixed or slide-out shelves. When used with a CabiCom assembly, you can mount a these 42” shelves and rackmount equipment in the same cabinet.

Wall Mount Computer Cabinets – Available in 19.5” and 25” , our wall mount computer cabinets organize and safeguard technical data and equipment at any height level without taking up valuable floor space. Its standard design allows for mounting of all electronic equipment that meets E.I.A. 19″ specifications.

Under Desk Electronic Enclosures – Compact computer cabinets that fit conveniently under your desk. Can hold up to 800 lbs.

Apple Server Enclosures – These eye-catching platinum computer cabinets are designed and manufactured to accommodate AppleXServer. Casters allow for easy moving.