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The federal government's fiscal year ends on September 30th.


Members of the Hergo team recently contributed to an article in Processor Magazine entitled “Know and Compare Options for Data Center Racks”

Radiology Today Article: September 2014


Radiology Today Magazine has a great article on the latest Monitor Technology.

The article is on Page 12: On Displays: How Monitor Technology is Evolving in Imaging:


Hergo is also listed in the annual Buyer's Guide which begins on Page 23. 


Hergo is one of the featured vendor's in Radiology Today's 2013 Imaging Informatics & IT Buyer's Guide.

This annual issue highlights the latest imaging products and services.


Every year Sound & Video Contractor Magazine does a special feature on Technology Furniture. For the last three years, Hergo has been asked to participate in the feature. Our Tech Bench was featured last year and the TRIMO and TRI8472 Workstations the previous year.

This year, the Height Adjustable Workstation is the product of choice. The feature includes a photo with a product description (Page 35-36) along with a web site listing (Page 39).


Hergo CEO & President, Eli Hertz,
shows a "mini" workstation at the recent Progressive Data Center Summit hosted by FMA in Chicago, IL.
Hergo was one of 15 presenters at the event which targeted VP's and Directors in charge of Data Centers, IT, Infrastructure, Networks & Data Center Facilities.


HERGO Easy Mount Cart -
for Design Excellence

ADEXProduct Description:
The new Hergo Easy Mount Mobile Cart affords users all the benefits of an elaborate office workstation with a sturdy, compact design. The 2” diameter cart post has a polished, chrome finish to match the star base, which comes with 5 casters, 3 of which are lockable. If users prefer a wooden base, the unit also comes with a grey millstone laminate with a sleek black trim. The wood is mounted to a heavy duty steel plate with 4 casters underneath.
The basic models come equipped with a flat panel LCD mount, keyboard/mouse tray with a mouse holder, adjustable CPU holder and cart handle. The chrome model also comes with a metal circular base stabilizer. A variety of peripherals are also available including adjustable laptop shelf, storage bins, printer shelf and power and cable management cabinet.

Award this product has won:

Magazine Cover March 2005

Advance For Health Information Executives

Hergo CEO and President Eli E. Hertz recently contributed to an article entitled “Rolling Along ' Update on Mobile Cart Technology” in the March 2005 issue of Advance for Health Information Executives. An excerpt from the article appears below:

“Once limited to a PC on a pole, mobile carts and technologies now have an important role in patient care and health care technology investments.

Industry experts share their views on mobile market/technology directions for the next 12-24 months:

Many carts being made today are completely mobile. They are not constrained by power cables, have self-contained batteries and communicate via wireless routers - all to achieve maximum flexible mobility (Looking ahead), carts will be more multi-purpose and adaptable to different environments. A user will be able to switch from a simple mobile medical cart to a more elaborate entertainment vehicle. For instance, in hospitals, you will be able to use the same cart to work on a laptop and watch TV.”

Eli E. Hertz, CEO and President,
Hergo, Inc.


Hergo recently began advertising a new line of Workstation Carts and Enclosure Cabinets in the MacDirectory, which is widely distributed to all subscribers, Barnes & Noble, Tower Books, Micro Center Computer Stores, Borders, Hastings, Waldenbooks and more than 450 newsstands nationwide including specialty computer stores.

A review of Hergo's new MacLimo Workstation Cart is featured in the summer-Fall 2004 issue of MacDirectory (http://www.macdirectory.com). Along with the cart, the article focuses on the APX Server 12U and 26U enclosures, which are also MAC compatible.

Please see the article below:



Words by Keoni Littlemouse

Any Mac-friendly company is a welcome addition to the ever-growing list of Those Who Think Different, but few indeed are the businesses that actually design different.


Enter Hergo Ergonomic Support Systems, Inc. Based in New York City, Hergo is a leading independent designer and original manufacturer of modular racking systems and enclosure cabinet solutions. Their unusual name is a blending of the founder's name (Eli Hertz) and the word ergonomic.


Having started out as one of the first IBM PC clone manufacturers in the United States in 1982, selling work-stations and file servers, Hergo is in the position to know exactly what techno-logy requirements a growing business needs.


They provide a wide variety of racks and cabinets, and design modularly, so that you keep adding to your space the components that you need, without worry of excessive clutter. In addition to the aforementioned racks and cabinets, Hergo also offers carts, computer desks, cable and power management components, peripherals, KVM switches and even custom metal manufacturing and fabrication.


While they have been providing hardware for Macs for only a short time, Hergo says their plans for the future are to get more of the Mac market share, and to continually improve and innovate workspace solutions.


Your ImageOne way they are proving this statement is by introducing the MacLimo, a brand new Mobile Workstation Cart, made for you to wheel your G5 around the office. It comes in two sizes, 53 or 73 inches tall. There is a keyboard/mouse tray, a printer shelf, a storage bin, a CPU holder, and even a special mounting arm equipped to hold a 17-inch Apple Display. Accessories include a 4-port power strip and cable management loops.


The other new products that Hergo would like everyone to know about are the new 19-inch enclosure cabinets. These APX server cabinets are designed and manufactured to accommodate Apple X-Servers. These also come in two sizes, 12U and 26U. They are equipped with two gold zinc-plated mounting rails, a front glass door with lock, a rear door with three fans and lock, two louvered side panels, four gliders and Noise Reduction Foam Class A, which is Class 1 fire-rated UL 94V0, on the top, sides and back door of the unit. Users can add various types of fixed and slide-out shelving, power and cable management solutions, and lockable and non-lockable casters.


You can see more of what Hergo Ergonomic Support Systems has to offer by going to their website at www.hergo.com.


Your ImageHealthImaging & IT

Hergo President, Eli E. Hertz recently contributed to an article entitled "Holding It All Together - Racks & Enclosures", in the March, 2004 issue of HealthImaging & IT Magazine. The article appears in the Technology Outlook Section in on pages 42-43. The following is an excerpt from the article:


Buying a generic rack or enclosure may be the best guarantee of flexibility. Eli Hertz, president and CEO of Hergo Ergonomic Support Systems, Inc. in Long Island City, N.Y., notes that racks designed for just one system may not fit all possible components, a consideration when a facility wants to mix and match. "Pick a design of rack or enclosure that is generic, not proprietary," he says.

Typically, generic racks come in 19 or 23 inch sizes, which will handle most off-the-shelf components. They have an additional benefit as well: "Generic also is less expensive," says Hertz.

Finally, Hertz also recommends that facilities do their investigation before buying a rack or enclosure. Hospitals "should see that they work with someone who knows what he's selling," says Hertz, adding that it is important to look for a company that does its own engineering. This means that the company can help the facility plan its space as well as altering the racks and enclosures to fit their intended tasks and locations



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