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Hergo Ergonomic Support Systems, Inc. is a leading independent designer  and original manufacturer of modular racking systems and enclosure  cabinet solutions.


What sets us apart is that we are technology people. We started our sister company Hertz Computer Corporation in 1982. Hertz Computer was  one of the first IBM PC clone manufacturers in the U.S. We have sold  workstations and file servers, installed LANs and WANs, and provided  hardware and software service to many Fortune 500 customers. We  understand your technology requirements and the best way to incorporate  that technology into your workspace.


Hergo products are specially designed to organize your workspace and  provide the most productive use of computer and electronic hardware,  peripherals and communication equipment in any size computer room or  technical environment.


The Hergo product line combines a variety of interchangeable parts,  most of which are standard components. The open racking systemsí  modular design makes it easier for computer professionals, MIS  directors and network administrators to add new equipment or  reconfigure existing set-ups.


All Hergo racks are made of heavy-duty steel and are powder coated,  offering superior quality and durability, as well as better  ultra-violet ray and corrosion resistance. The products are available  in a variety of custom colors, provide built-in cable management and  can be freestanding or wall mounted.


At Hergo showrooms in New York City, trade shows nationwide and client  sites worldwide, prospective customers can see a variety of Hergo  custom racking and enclosure cabinet configurations on display and in  use.


Hergo is known for its stringent quality control standards and remains  committed to superior customer support, technical services and rapid  turn-around time.

Hergo technical furniture and enclosure cabinets are proudly  manufactured in New York City.

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