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File Cabinets, Peripherals & Misc.

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Add-On Options for Your Technical Furniture System

Make the most out of your technical furniture system with Hergo’s great selection of peripherals and accessories. Whether you need a mini-keyboard for one of our 19” cabinet enclosures,

Hergo’s flat panel LCD monitor arms are the ideal mounting solutions for diverse working environments, from elaborate corporate settings to small home offices.  Users may adjust monitors as needed to create a comfortable workspace.  Our flat panel LCD monitor arms can be pivoted up, down, left and right, moved up and down posts, extended in and out, or attach directly to the wall.  As with all of our products, our LCD monitor arms are backed by Hergo’s lifetime warranty.

Our selection of flat panel LCD monitor arms include:

  • Secure Angle/Gas Activated Desk or Wall Mount Arms
  • Short Reach Wall Mounts – Tilt/Pivot, Fingertip Adjustment
  • Wall Mount Key Board Arm and Mouse Trays
  • LCD Post Systems
  • Sing and Dual LCD Desktop Bases
  • Tri-Command and Dual Level Tri-Command Post Systems
  • LCD Suspension Arms and Tracks
  • Vertical and Horizontal Wall Mount Track Assemblies
  • LCD Wallstation – Monitor, KB, and CPU holder
  • Orbiter Extension Arm Assemblies

All Post Mount systems are available in a Desk Clamp or Grommet Mount design.

See what Hergo’s flat panel LCD monitor arms can do for you. Browse through our selection, and download the PDFs to find out more.  Then contact us to order or to request your FREE consultation.  We look forward to helping you the flat panel LCD monitor arm that best meets your application.

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