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EZ Mount Mobile Cart 95-00140-453
Medical, Computer, Audio & Video Equipment

P.N. 95-00140-453
EZ Mount Mobile Cart 95-00140-453

Hergo Easy Mount Mobile

Computer Cart - High Pressure Laminated Base

Computer carts for medical use, food service, education and more


The Easy Mount Mobile Computer Cart affords users all the benefits of an elaborate office workstation with a sturdy, compact design. The Easy Mount Mobile Computer Cart is frequently used as a medical computer cart, but is also an optimal choice for the food service industry, educational settings, office environments and more. 


The Flat Base cart model features a laminate wood base shelf with Lotz Armor Edge® trim, an extremely durable plastic. This tamper resistant edging is used in schools, medical facilities, cafeterias and office settings where hygiene and edge bond are important. The edge will not separate from the MDF core, which makes it clean and sanitary with no place to trap food
particles or germs.

The 24"W x 24"D hi pressure laminated base is mounted to a steel reinforcement plate,
providing a sturdy, flat surface for mounting a PC, UPS or any other type of equipment.

The base comes with four 4" casters - two of which are lockable.

Additional Features of the Hergo Easy Mount Mobile Computer Cart include:

  • Post 60” High, 2” Diameter with Welded Flange, Chrome Finish. 
  • Easy Mount Post Clamps  simply positioned at any desired height and/or angle. 
  • Flat Panel LCD Mount 100mm mounting plate included.
  • Keyboard Tray with Mouse Pad fold up and out of the way when not in use.
  • Cart Handle maneuver computer cart without pushing or pulling on mounted
  • CPU Holder adjustable for 4”-8” computer width
Choose a pre-packaged unit or build your own Easy Mount Mobile Computer Cart by clicking
on the OPTIONS button.

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Please contact us to order the Easy Mount Mobile Computer Cart or to request more information. Tell us your requirements and our technology design professionals will be happy to discuss your options.
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