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Open Frame Cart



P.N. 95-00042-030
Open Frame Cart 95-00042-030

Open Frame Cart - Computing, Medical, Video & Audio


Our competitively priced Open Frame Mobile Carts are used by hospitals, educational facilities and Fortune 500 companies around the country. …and it’s easy to see why!  They efficiently organize your LCD, laptop, CPU, projectors and other data and communications equipment, while offering you streamlined mobility. They feature 1” front and back slot increments which make configuring and re-configuring the unit simple and quick. As with all of our products, our Open Frame Rolling Computer Cart is backed by Hergo’s lifetime warranty.



95-00042-030 Configuration of our Open Frame Mobile Cart




Qty.    Part No.         Description

   1      10-00042-300 - Frame, 42" High x 30" Wide
   1      13-00030-300 - Desktop - Hi Press. Laminated, 30" W x 30" D 

   1      14-00520-300 - Floor Shelf, Leg Mounted, 30" W x 25" D

   2      28-00010-000 - Caster - Heavy Duty, 2.75"H 

   2      28-00012-000 - Caster - Heavy Duty, Lockable, 2.75"H 

   1      14-00316-300 - "Book" Shelf - 30" Wide x 12" Deep, Downward Brackets
   2      11-00010-000 - Leg 2" x 2" x 30" Long

   1      13-00810-000 - Desktop Support Brackets - Left

1            13-00812-000 - Desktop Support Bracket – Right


Standard colors for the Open Frame Mobile Cart: Black


You will be allowed to re-configure, add or change options. Check with your sales executive.  

As the original manufacturer we can customize any cart or bench configuration for your working environment.

Not sure what some of these terms mean?  Check our handy glossary.

Have more questions or ready to buy?


Please contact us to order the Open Frame Mobile Cart or to request more information.  Tell us your requirements and our technology design professionals will be happy to discuss your mobile cart options.

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 • To see other Carts/PACS, please see our gallery.

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