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Training Desks, Personal Computer Workstation and Classroom Furniture

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Computer Desks

Training/Studio Desk - 30" Wide Desktop
Training/Studio Desk - 30" Wide Desktop
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Download PDF
Personal Workstation

Technical Computer Furniture

Hergo designs and manufactures computer desks for corporate environments, classrooms, training facilities, home offices or anywhere there is a need for space-saving technical furniture.  Created by technology professionals, these ergonomic computer desks are ingeniously designed for unsurpassed versatility and strength.

Studio/Training Computer Desks – Modular, ergonomically designed computer desks for both CRTs and Flat panel monitors. Ideal for educational and home office environments, these 30” wide compact computer desks are perfect for narrow spaces.

As with all Hergo products, our computer desks are made with the highest quality materials. For our desktops, we use fine, high-pressure laminated products from Pionite, a leader in decorative surfacing materials.  The frames, legs and brackets are made of heavy-duty, powder coated, 11 gauge steel, the sturdiest in the industry.
See what Hergo’s computer desks can do for you. Browse through our selection, and download the PDFs to find out more.  Then contact us to order or to request your FREE consultation and CAD drawings.  Tell us your requirements and our technology design professionals will be happy to discuss your computer desk options.

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