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Hergo iRack
Wall Mount
12U/12"D (21")

P.N. 95-00132-212
Hergo iRackWall Mount12U/12"D (21")

12U Wall Mount Relay Rack:

PN: 95-00132-212
Hergo iRack, Wall Mount, 12U, 12" Deep, Black

The iRack wall mount relay rack neatly accommodates 19” data or communications equipment without taking up valuable floor space.  Itís the affordable alternative to an enclosure cabinet and is the ideal mounting solution for an operating environment that is already dust-free, cool and secure. The convenient, timesaving, open frame design eliminates the need for users to unlock doors or remove side panels. Made from rugged 11 gauge steel, this easy to assemble wall mount relay rack has a depth of 12” and a vertical mounting space of 12U.


As with all of our products, the iRack wall mount relay rack

meets E.I.A. and NEMA     technical standards and guidelines.


iRack wall mount relay rack specifications:



Vertical Mounting Space: 12U (21")

Overall Height: 25.5"

Depth: 12"

Width: 21"
Loading Capacity: 200 lbs.

Color: Black (Environmentally Friendly Powder Coating)



All constructed of heavy-duty 11 GA Cold-Rolled Steel.

Easy to Assemble - hardware kit included. (Four wall mounting screws are also needed, but are not included with this assembly.)
              *** Each kit includes a bag of (20) Screws and Cage-Nuts ***


Options: (Click on Option Button to the right)

1. D2 Wire Loops - Cable Management made easy.

    Mount 3 Wire Loops on each upright.

    Each Wire Loop can hold up to 100 J45 type cables.

2. Power Management - 19" Rackmountable Strip - 6 Ports

3. Bag of 25 or 50 M6 x 16mm Screws and Cage-Nuts.

Not sure what some of these terms mean?  Check our handy glossary.

Have more questions or ready to buy?


Please contact us to order the iRack wall mount relay rack

or to request your FREE consultation and CAD drawings.  Tell us your requirements and our technology design professionals will be happy to discuss your options.

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