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Standard Relay Racks & Hergo Super Relay Racks
Single & Dual Rackmount Systems

Relay Racks, Relayracks, 19", 23", 12U, 26U, 42U, iRack, Wire Management, Cage Nuts, Casters, Dual, Cantilever, Fixed Shelves, Slide Out Shelves, Shelf, Shelves, Relay Racks, Relayrack

Relay Racks

24", 30" & 36"DHergo 19" Super Relay Racks Solutions
24", 30" & 36"D
Hergo 19" Super Relay Racks Solutions
PDF Relay Racks
Relay Racks
Hergo iRack42U (73.5")24, 30 & 36"D
Hergo iRack
42U (73.5")
24, 30 & 36"D
Hergo iRack26U (45.5")24", 30" & 36"D
Hergo iRack
26U (45.5")
24", 30" & 36"D
Hergo iRack12U (21")24", 30" & 36"D
Hergo iRack
12U (21")
24", 30" & 36"D
Hergo iRackWall Mount12U/12"D (21")
Hergo iRack
Wall Mount
12U/12"D (21")
Hergo iRackWall Mount12U/18"D (21")
Hergo iRack
Wall Mount
12U/18"D (21")
Hergo iRackWall Mount26U/12"D (45.5")
Hergo iRack
Wall Mount
26U/12"D (45.5")
Hergo iRackWall Mount26U/18"D (45.5")
Hergo iRack
Wall Mount
26U/18"D (45.5")

Hergo Super Single and Dual Relay Racks and iRacks are the suitable, cost saving alternatives to enclosure cabinets if the operating environment is dust-free, cool and secured. The open frame design gives you immediate access to equipment without having to unlock doors or remove side panels. All of our racking systems meet E.I.A requirements and are backed by Hergo’s lifetime warranty.

Super Relay Racks – Hergo’s heavy duty 42” Super Relay Racks accommodate 19” or 23” rack mountable equipment.  They are available with single or dual posts and leg depths of 24”, 30”, 36” and 42”. Our Super Relay Racks are shipped knock down and come equipped with easy to follow assembly instructions.

iRacks – This 4-post relay rack system accommodates 19” rackmountable equipment and are available in three sizes – 42U, 26U and 12U, and three depths - 24”, 30” and 36”.  The units feature a rectangular top and bottom base.

Can’t find what you need?  Contact us and speak with one of our knowledgeable technical furniture design professionals.

See what Hergo’s relay racks can do for you. Browse through our selection, and download the PDF to find out more.  Then contact us to order or to request your FREE consultation and CAD drawings.  Tell us your requirements and our technology design professionals will be happy to discuss your racking system options.

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