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Technical Work Bench



P.N. 95-TECHB-000


Hergo Technical Work Bench - 84”H x 72"W

This versatile triple frame base unit affords users the opportunity to tailor the work bench to be the most productive, whatever the application.


For an industrial setting where construction is the business and organization of smaller components is a necessity, add a tool trolley and storage bins to keep up with demand.

If the main operation is electronics, upgrade to an ESD work surface to provide a static dissipative area for protection during repair and daily test runs. Or, in a medical lab or pharmaceutical environment, top off your Hergo Work Bench with an overhead light assembly.
Features of the Hergo Technical Work Bench Base Unit include:
  • (3) 11 GA Metal Base Frame - 84"H x 24"W
  • High Pressure Laminated Desktop - 72"W x 36"D
  • Standard and Center Support Legs with (6) Gliders
  • (1) 24"W/(1) 48"W x 12"D Book Shelves
  • Overhead Light Assembly
  • (2) Telescopic Support Uprights
  • (3) Vertical Cable Management Raceways - 60"L
The Technical Work Bench Base package includes the above items.  To customize your own unit, choose from the following additional frame sizes: 72"/60"/42"/30"H or 30/36"W.
Options available: Peg, Cork and White Boards, Book 18"D
Mounting Shelves, Storage Bin Rail Mount, Power Management, Articulating Keyboard Tray and Flat Panel Monitor Arm Solutions. 
Have more questions or ready to buy?
Please contact us to order the Technical Work Bench or to request more information.  Tell us your requirements and our technology design professionals will be happy to discuss your options.

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