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Motorized Workstations

Motorized Workstation

P.N. 23-00000-060
Motorized Workstation 23-00000-060


Hergo Height Adjustable Workstation 60”W


This electrically powered, ergonomic Height Adjustable Workstation is ideal for work environments where flexible sit-stand access is crucial. With just a press of a button on the control pad, the user can set the desktop at the desired height.

Height Adjustment - Range of Motion 24”
Maximum Setting 56”
Minimum Setting 32”

Weight Capacity (when weight is evenly distributed) 150 lbs. per leg

Features of the Hergo Height Adjustable Workstation include:

  • 11 GA Metal Base Frame 30”W
  • High Pressure Laminated Desktop 60”W x 30"D with Lotz Armor Edge® trim, a plastic tamper resistant edging used in schools, medical facilities, cafeterias and office settings where hygiene and edge bond are important.
  • Wood Base 36”W with 4” Casters - Steel Reinforcement Plate supports the Base.
  • Horizontal Cable Raceway - 30" Long.
  • Options including: Flat Panel Monitor Arms, Articulating Keyboard/Mouse Tray, Storage Bin, CPU Holder, Power Management
  • Ships Fully Assembled in a Crate.

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Please contact us to order the Height Adjustable Workstation or to request more information.  Tell us your requirements and our technology design professionals will be happy to discuss your options.


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