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Rackmount LCD - With and without KVM

Rackmount LCD, Rack Mount LCD, Flat Monitor, KVM, 8 Ports, Slide Out LCD, Keyboard, Industrial LCD, Rack Mount, Uprights, 15", 17",

Rackmount LCD

1"U" - 15" LCD
1"U" - 15" LCD
1"U" - 15" LCD & 8 Port KVM
1"U" - 15" LCD
& 8 Port KVM

Rackmount LCD with and without KVM

Optimize your work area with rackmount LCD solutions from Hergo.  Our 15” or 17” rackmount LCDs organize your keyboard, touch pad and monitor in just 1U (1.75”) of space.  They offer the ultimate in vertical space efficiency. 

Rackmount LCDs are easy to use.  No software is required.  Just install, plug and play.  When finished using, ball bearing slides allow you to simply and smoothly slide the LCD into its rugged steel housing. A built-in rail self-locking device ensures the unit’s security when not in use. 

Our rackmount LCD with 8 port or 16 port Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) switch offers additional benefits such as an on screen display manual, push buttons and hot keys. These user-friendly controls enable you to effortlessly manage multiple computers.

See what Hergo’s rackmount LCDs can do for you. Browse through our selection, then contact us to order or to request your FREE consultation and CAD drawings.  Tell us your requirements and our technology design professionals will be happy to discuss your rackmount LCD options.

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