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Standard Frames

Open Rack Components

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  Hergo Frames - 42" High
42"H x 24"W
42"H x 24"W
42"H x 30"W
42"H x 30"W
42"H x 36"W
42"H x 36"W
  Hergo Frames - 72" High
72"H x 24"W
72"H x 24"W
72"H x 30"W
72"H x 30"W
72"H x 36"W
72"H x 36"W
Frame - Upright Support Channel
Frame - Upright Support Channel
   Hergo Frames - 84" High
84"H x 24"W
84"H x 24"W
84"H x 30"W
84"H x 30"W
84"H x 36"W
84"H x 36"W
Frame - Upright Support Channel
Frame - Upright Support Channel

Open Rack Elements

Modular Technical Furniture

Modular technical furniture from Hergo is an affordable long-term investment in workspace efficiency, versatility and productivity. 

Our open racking systems provide a flexible, space management solution with maximum benefits. The modular design of these units makes reconfiguring effortless and expanding or upgrading cost effective for computer professionals, MIS directors and network administrators. A Hergo system is made to be flexible to meet the ever-changing needs of your facility.

If you have a high-density operation, you will find our competitively-priced technical furniture to be the most functional, adaptable, sturdy and ergonomic in the industry.  We offer a large selection of open racking components that are designed and manufactured in-house under our stringent quality control standards. Open rack frames and options include:

Standard frames
19” rackmount frames
Lockable storage cabinets
Casters and gliders
19” rackmount brackets
Drawers and file cabinets
Side and modesty back panels

Can’t find what you need?  Contact us and speak with one of our knowledgeable technical furniture design professionals.

Benefits of Hergo’s open rack technical furniture

  • Modular design makes it easy to configure, reconfigure and upgrade.
  • Frames are vertically slotted front and back in 1” increments for “tools free” mounting and reconfiguring at any height level.
  • Can mix and match with any Hergo frame to create long rows, corners and cubicles…or can be used as a stand alone.
  • Frames and legs are made of heavy-duty steel.
  • Environmentally friendly powder coated finish.
  • Available in several sizes
  • Desktops are made with fine, high-pressure laminate from Pionite, a leader in decorative surfacing materials
  • Backed by our warranty and knowledgeable customer service

Our technical furniture is ideal for:

Data centers
Training stations
Command centers
Control room consoles
Security consoles
Network operations centers

See what Hergo’s technical furniture can do for you. Browse through our selection of open rack systems, and download the PDF to find out more.  Then contact us to order or to request your FREE consultation and CAD drawings.  Tell us your requirements and our technology design professionals will be happy to discuss your technical furniture options.

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