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Flat Panel Arms

Sit/Stand Vertical Wall Track - 48"L

P.N. 95-00148-301
Sit/Stand Vertical Wall Track - 48"L

Sit or Stand 48"L Vertical Track System

This custom designed Vertical Track System gives users increased flexibility for "tool free" repositioning of monitor and keyboard/mouse tray for comfortable access and viewing at a sitting or standing height level.

The Secure Angle Arms allow the user to angle the monitor and keyboard/mouse tray in 7 locking positions at 30 degree intervals. Tilt the arms up and down as needed by pulling the knob out and locking at the desired position.

The Flat Panel Arm is supplied with (1) 75 x 75 mm mounting plate and (1) 100 x 100 mm mounting plate.

The Keyboard Tray is black metal with an ergonomic wrist wrest. A wooden Mouse Plate slides to the Left or Right to accommodate all users.

Weight Capacities: Weight Capacities: LCD, up to 25 lbs., Keyboard up to17 lbs., Track up to 60 lbs.

Workstation consists  of the following items:

15-00036-L12 (2)
    Secure Angle Arms
15-00090-100          Flat Panel Monitor Mounting Plate - 100mm
15-00110-000          Keyboard Tray with Mouse and Adapter Plate
15-00054-032          48" Vertical Wall Mount Track with 1 Mounting Plate
15-00054-034          Heavy Duty Plate for 48" Vertical Track

Add a CPU Holder to complete your space-saving workstation. Click on the OPTIONS



 • To see other Flat Panel Arms, please see our gallery.

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