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Flat Panel Arms

LCD Suspension Arm

P.N. 14-00300-003

LCD Suspension Mounting Arm -  Attach Flat Panel Display (LCD) Monitor from the Hergo Monitor Track Shelf or from our LCD Suspension Track. LCD can "travel" left and right along the track assembly, freeing up valuable desk space.

User may adjust the LCD viewing position to the Left, Right, Up or Down. User can also Rotate the panel within about 300 degrees radius.

Meets VESA standard. The VESA® FDMI™ Standard defines mounting interfaces, hole patterns and associated cable/power supply locations for LCD monitors, plasma displays and other flat panel devices.

Suspension Arm is supplied with (1) 75 x 75 mm mounting plate and (1) 100 x 100 mm Mounting Plate.

LCD Weight Capacity :  5 to 25 lbs.

The Suspension Arm Assembly consists of:

#14-00300-003 -
 LCD Suspension Mounting Arm - 10" Long

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